The Longest Spectacle In The World

July 11, 2023
Красный проспект Новосибирска

Novosibirsk is the fastest growing city of the world.

Novosibirsk entered the Ginness Book as the fastest-growing city billionaire in the world. It only took him 70 years to reach a million. By comparison, it took Chicago 90 years, New York 250, Moscow 700, and Kiev about 900 years. The Chinese Shenzhen has become a millionaire much faster, but later Novosibirskka. In the 1978-based city in 2007 (according to Vikipedia), 8,6 million people lived. This growth owes the city to becoming the first special economic zone in China in 1980.)

Russia ' s largest municipal entity (act)

Novosibirsk has the status of the city district (the largest municipal entity in the Russian Federation) is the administrative centre of Novosibir province and the Siberia Federal District.

The largest of Ural in the area (act)

The city is about 503, 1 square kilometres. Novosibirsk is in the third place in Russia, only Moscow and St Petersburg. From north to south, the city reached 43 km. Large transverse - more than 25 km. There are more than 1,500 streets in the city, with a total length of 1,400 km.

Longest meter (act)

The Novosibir Metroste through Obus is the longest in the world. It's a total length of 2,145 metres long with shore steaks, altitude 25. The length of the cell building is 902 meters and the weight is 6,200 tons. The bridge itself is unique. The metrophobic movement was phased from one shore to another with powerful hydrodomcrates. There are no similarities in the design practice. The winter metremost is reduced and the summer is stretched by 50 cm, for which the supports are equipped with rollers whose longitudinal axis is " rolled " with all the short design. The change in design length is due to the high temperature variation.
Train movements were opened with five First stations Launch site on 7 January 1986. He connected the Student and River Station stations to the Novosibir Metropolitan Line. The fact that his construction under the Obi line would be too expensive. In addition to the metro-constructors, thousands of towns on Saturdays participated in the building.

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