April 19, 2023
Как добраться из районов

- Moscow. The Aero-Express announced the launch of a new Gruppova tariff on 12 March. It targets passengers traveling groups from three people. According to the tariff, a trip to a red commercial train for three people will cost 990 roubles.

This tariff is intended to be implemented only through mobile cassites in the " clean zones " of two airports of the Moscow Air Base: Domodovo and Vnukovo. The " clean airport zone " is a special area inside the airport, which is located after the passport control points, in the baggage area. In order to take advantage of the " Group " tariff, passengers need to contact one of the Aero Express mobile cashiers who, in the seconds considered, will help to establish a travel document with a portable cash machine.

The " Group " tariff is another result of the Aero-express policy on improving the quality of services provided to all categories of passengers.

Following another marketing study, Aero Express experts concluded that the introduction of a new, group tariff would be used for travellers from three people. For them, a tariff that allows them to travel quickly and comfortably from the airport to the city for only 330 roubles per person will become a more accessible and reliable taxi alternative.

Aero Express continuously examines the needs and preferences of its passengers and regularly introduces a variety of tariffs that take into account their needs. For example, in the summer of 2014, Aero-Express introduced a series of subscription tariffs on the mornings, Wecher, Morning-Wester, which were aimed primarily at people working at Moscow airports, as well as those living near airports but working in the centre of the city.

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