Trolleybus Mosk

May 3, 2023
троллейбус, Москва должна

Afisha Daily found out what fate is waiting for trolleybuses on the Sadow ring, Twer, Arbat and other central streets in the city.

Last month, it became known that the Sadov ring was about to dismantle the trolleybus network as part of the renovation work. However, trolleybuses are likely to be replaced by electrobuses, but city activists say it's a myth: in fact, in lieu of normal green transport, the authorities will launch conventional diesel buses.

The idea of eliminating trolleybuses is not new. As early as 2014, Sergei Sobyanin stated that electrobuses would be launched on the Cover and Friday instead of trolleybuses, or " folders " , and then confirmed the purchase of 600 modern trolleybuses by 2020. But in the end, the trolleybus route on Friday street was taken completely without any compensation, and diesel buses were launched on the Cover. In addition, the 4th trolleybus park on Forest Street was closed.

Egor Muleev

Research Officer, Transport and Transport Policy Institute, Transport Policy Research Centre

" Master Mosgortrans Mikhailov stated that trolleybus services were costly. This was the main argument for the reduction and gradual replacement of the trolleybus fleet in the city. There was no specification on the central streets, the prospect was painted by broad masks. In 2011, it was planned to purchase 1,5,000 trolleybuses by 2016, and only 427 were actually purchased. I mean, the park is objectively old, and it's almost non-renewable.

We've been conducting an analysis: since 2014, we've cleared some 60 kilometres of routes, the most visible routes across the streets of Friday and Poblika. The withdrawal in the middle of the city was not as large as the periphery, but the forthcoming withdrawal would be more serious. There is a risk that the dismantling of routes may affect other routes: for example, some will end with a dead end and 50 km of routes will be lost instead of 30 km. "

The Head of the Transport Department of Moscow, Maxim Lixutov, explained unpopular decisions that the trolleybus contact network was worn out, " accounts for almost 30 per cent of electricity losses " and stated that there was too much cost to service trolleybuses. Lixouts also offered to run electric beans.

Maxim Lixuts

Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Transport and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure of the City of Moscow

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