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December 20, 2023
Лист металла на время

Just a little short on what Peter wants to call a bridge as Kadyrov.
I was rather negative at first, with the Kadirov in the first place, but after Basilashvili's statement, I thought it might be better for the Cadarov.
“I have a question: why should Kadyrov's name be perpetuated on Petersburg's map? What did Mr. Kadirov do to this city? With all due respect to the First President of the Chechen Republic, I believe that there are names of Russian citizens, the inhabitants of Petersburg, who must first be perpetuated on the map of our city. These names are hundreds. Galina Starovatova, Evgeny Mravinski, Georgi Tovstonovgov, Sergei Dovlatov, Boris Yeltsin, Anatoly Sobchak and many others " (c) Basilashvili

They'll call it Sobchak or Yeltsin.

Well, seriously, as he has already written, it is desirable that such issues be addressed through a local referendum on resonance names and renamed. If it's local for, why not? If you don't mind, renamers and callers go forest. In order to save the taxpayers ' money, a local referendum in this regard is desirable to combine with local or federal elections, where citizens simply receive another piece of paper, where they put a bill of lading behind or against.
In order not to abuse the scheme, the resonant/replacement should collect some percentage of the signatures that are checked in the CEC, which decides to allow the local referendum.
If the proposal does not pass, the question of the name/replacement is 10-20 years. And if the subject is raised, it's just the result of the vote, and it says, "this local decision is not like it, go to the forest," come later.

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