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December 29, 2023
Работа московского метро на

Знак метрополитена в Москве. Архивное фотоRIA News, May 7th. The work of several Moscow subway stations will be limited on 7 and 9 May due to the rehearsal and victory parade, and has been reported by the Metropolitan Press Service.

On 7 and 9 May 2016, a number of metropolitan stations will be redesigned to celebrate the Day of Victory.

Thus, on 7 May, from 7:00 to the end of the general rehearsal of the military parade and on 9 May from 7:00 to the end of the parade on the Red Area of the Revolution Station, "Short row," "Alexandrov's garden," "Borowic" and "Leninin's Lobby" will work only on the entrance and transplant.

May 7 and 9 will be limited to exiting the Pushkin station, the Tower, the Chekhovsky, the Mayakovskaya, the Lubianca, the Chinese city for the construction and passage of the convoy on the Tver Street. Also, on 9 May, from 12:00 to the end of the event, the entrance to the Park of Victory, the Kutuzovsky, the Kiev Arbat-Porod, the Ring and the Philly Lines, the Belorussian Zamosquera and the Ring Lines will be restricted.

Also on the Day of Victory, after the end of the holiday salute and the people's walks, there'll be a limit to the entrance of passengers at the Revolution Station, "Little Circle," "Alexandrov," "Arbat-Porod," "Borovica," "Lubianca," "The Spring Bridge," "Cholk,"

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