Vocal In Jaroslav

April 28, 2023
В Ярославле речной вокзал

The North Railway press service reported renamed the Moscow Station.

Moscow station Yaroslav left in the past. They didn't close it, but they decided to name it differently. From now on, it will be called Yaroslavl, similar to the name of the railway station.

Non-conformity of names and stations explained the need for a change of name. In the press service, the JRC reported that there had been cases in which the passenger had issued a ticket in which the place of departure was " Yaroslav " . The passenger thought it was Yaroslav Main and was erroneously there.

How do you feel about such a decision by the SSR? Keep the comments under publication.

" As many technical reasons There was no change in the name of the Yaroslav station, a decision was made to rename the station on it " , noted in the press service.

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