April 28, 2023
Такси Девушка

If you're looking for a cheap taxi in the SPB, you're at the address. Tudey had recently arrived, but had already won a confession. Otherwise, it can't be, because by drastically reducing the cost of our services, we managed to maintain the quality of their delivery. How is that possible?

Our company's most popular offer. Notice that you're not comfortable, because of the more expensive, it's only different from the use of small-sized vehicles. The machines are fully compliant with modern standards, so it's possible you won't feel the difference at all.
Дешевое такси эконом класса в СПбThere are other tariffs in addition to the Economic tariff. Any one of them is treated cheaper than the average city. Choose the one that will be the best for you.

Please note that all vehicles are undergoing a technical inspection every day. This ensures that there are no debris during the execution of the order. Vehicles are equipped with navigation systems, which facilitates the search for an optimum route (if you wish to indicate it yourself) and increases safety.

The most affordable proposals for the routes claimed

Order a cab

Our discounts make taxi cheaper.

By becoming our regular client (for this, you should register on the website and make 20 orders), you'll pay 15 percent less. This discount extends to all trips to SPBs and outside the city.

Internet users can benefit even more. On condition that a taxi is generated via online form or OS Android application, the cost of a specific trip is reduced by 10 per cent.

Free opportunities

Frequently, companies call customers at low service rates, but it turns out that they have to pay for some supplements. We went the other way.

For example, 10 minutes of waiting have already been included in the cost of the order. When the airport or the station is meant, the time increases to half an hour. Other illustrations can be cited: if the client ' s choice falls on the Business Class tariff, it does not pay for the air conditioner.
Additional services at minimum prices

Budgeting is often close to a minimum range of options. We've got different things:

  • car with a child chair;
  • Air conditioner;
  • Courier services;
  • Meeting with the panel;
  • Transport of domestic pets et al.
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