Moscow Subway 2 Secrets

Июнь 23, 2015
Тайна московского метро: знаки

The classified sites in the Moscow subway were already before his birth at 1935. In the second line, the “Sority” station was placed under Soviet radar between the “Tatar” stations (then the Sverdlov area) and the “Mayakowski” stations. In the construction of Stalin ' s personal order, the “Sovetsky” was adapted for the underground management of the Moscow headquarters of the GO. The unreasonably long overcrowd at the centre of Moscow was eliminated only by the construction of the " Green " Twerski.

This project was very expensive even at times of stalemate. If you look closely at the crossing in front of the Tower, we can see traces of the Sovetsky.

Метро 2,Д 6,подземелья МосквыThe next was the pre-war (and the post-war) project to upgrade the Arbat-Porodsky to link Kreml with both steel bunkers. Stalin was planning to build the biggest stadium not only for the expected Olympics. The idea of the USSR stadium (or the people) was motivated by mass propaganda activities often carried out by Nazis in Germany for the German people and so-called Fuhrer. A bunker for Stalin was built under the future stadium (which was still built) with a small speaking room and a tunnel to the rostrum. Two tunnels were built: Kremel (with the tunnel gate located exactly under the Saving Gate) and the area Metro station “Colls”. There is a transition from the Ezmailian Park to the bunker. The average route at the station, apart from the planned large passenger traffic flow, was Stalin's Special Forces during the celebrations. Pay attention to the fine lights on the medium path. They're not on extreme tracks. A similar bunker of Stalin was built under his father ' s home in Kuntsio (this is also a road tunnel from the Minoro Public Reception on Mosleitz, 37 via Kreml). It is known only by the MES specialists: the Central Regional Centre of the Department is located. Stalin's mind is known. Since the first days of the war, he has hesitated, stayed in his capital or left with the Government in Kuibashev (now Samara).

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