Moscow Trolleybuses

Декабрь 25, 2016

MOSKWA, March 24th. / TAS/. Almost 90 trolleybuses that will be removed from Moscow ' s central route through the My Street programme will be distributed among other existing trolleybus routes. This has been reported to the press by Deputy Mayor Maxim Lixuts.

"No one route will be cancelled. All trolleybuses and 89 of them will be moved to other routes. Consequently, these routes will be increased. I would like to point out that the trolleybus routes on the Sadow ring will not change, he said.

With regard to the prospects for the emergence of a new clean mode of transport in Moscow, electrobuses, Lixutov expressed the hope that this year ' s pilot samples would be placed on central urban routes.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Moscow on the questions of the P.K.H. Peter Birukov, the My Street program is designed to regenerate the historical trend of pedestrian streets in the capital. From the street for the car, we're going to the pedestrian street, he said.

This year, 59 addresses, 49 parks and 14 recreational areas will be part of my street improvement program.

The intention of the city authorities to dismantle the trolleybus lines with the Tver and several other streets in the centre of Moscow was previously reported. The Moskva authorities refer to the obsolescence of their contact network as a reason to reject this mode of transport.

In the Transport Department ' s press service, TAS reported that the Government of Moscow was planning to purchase new buses and trolleybuses to work on urban routes, but when and on which routes they would be travelling, they were not known.

According to the capital authorities, there will be between 200 and 250 clean electric beams per year in Moscow for urban passenger routes. The city government is confident that they "recognize the advantages of two modes of transport: green trolleybus and bus manoeuvrability."

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