Tramp In A Mask

July 18, 2023
Автор фотографий — Павел

The first speed tram will be available in 2016

A competition has been announced for the design of the fast track line from the 3rd Vladimir Street to the Ivanovsky area in the east of the capital. However, in the view of the experts, in the strict sense of the " fast " tram movement in Moscow is not worth waiting.

Read as well.

It is expected that it will be on a special lane separate from the carriageway and where it is not possible, the tram will receive priority over other modes of transport. I mean, it's not scary. There will be 40 mobile units per hour, with a maximum speed of 75 km per hour and an average of 25-30 km per hour. To reduce the time of embarkation on the wagon, the travel of passengers will be paid when entering the platform. The length of the tracks is about four kilometres, and there are four stops.

"To the end of this year, the planning project is to be approved and the first trams on the new line in 2017" explained to the WP in Mosco Architecture.

This is one of the three fast track lines for which funds are budgeted in the Moscow budget. The design of another line that will connect the Prague Metro station with the Birulev area is ready and approved by the Government of Moscow this summer. Nine stops are planned on the route: 5 to Chertano and 4 to Birewl. The total length of the section is 8, 2 km, of which 2, 1 km will be stacked. This line is planned to be launched in 2016.

You don't have to say that the first speed trams will be going at the metro speed. As the RG tells the Deputy Director of the Expert Censor Alexander Chekmarev, the lines will continue. Creating new identified paths makes no sense, and building all infrastructure from scratch is expensive. However, the chosen method, in the opinion of the expert of the High School of Economics, Mikhail Blinkin, would provide an opportunity for Moscow to combine speeds with conventional areas. Just as motorways are included in a single road network, the roadways are fast-moving areas, they are included in a single track network: " Europe has long used light rail transport - LRT. It combines the elements of fast and conventional transport. Where it's convenient to be on the ground, and as soon as it's out of the pedestrian zone, it's a new line that can be built above the estacad. I hope Moscow is coming to this, he told me. Remember, for the first time. Moscow We talked in 2011.

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