Speed Tram In Moscow

April 18, 2023
Скоростной трамвай в

The first section of the fast track line in Moscow will be from Podolsk to Ramensk through Domodedovo and Zhukovsky airport. Andrei Vorobiev, Governor of Moscow province, reported this to the newspaper "Vedomity."
" The project is important in creating a comfortable transport link between cities and municipalities in the region. It will unload the radial directions of the passenger traffic, reduce the load on the road by 15 per cent and reduce the time of movement between the settlements and the Moscow Airway airports by two to three times, declared by the Vorobyev.
The net value of 74, 5 kilometres with 16 stations can range from 92 billion to 98 billion roubles. Private investors are expected to contribute up to 75 per cent of this amount. The remaining amount will provide the region.
It is noted that the project plans to build a fast track ring around Moscow. It should connect 26 towns with each other and with airports. The total length of the track will be 241 kilometres.
According to Vorobiev, the time to travel from Podolsk to Domodedovo Airport will be reduced by one and a half times, from 1 hour to 43 minutes to 31 minutes.
The authorities of the region are planning to implement the project within the framework of public-private partnership. The concession is expected to last 30 years. Vorobiev added that the project was interested in the TB Capital, the Central Suburban Passenger Company (CPPC), the Eurasian Development Bank (EBB), Sberbank, FRPI, Siemens and Alstom. Alstom and Siemens.
The representatives of CPTC, EBB, TB Capital and Russian office Siemens confirmed the newspaper interest in the project. The rest of the companies were unable to obtain comments.
"Transport will not pay much for investor investment. We expect that the impact of the use of TIP infrastructure will be a significant source for the return of investments. Also on the plus side, the Prime Minister of the Moscow Region, Denis Buzayev, spoke.
We will recall that construction is planned to begin in 2017. According to the project, the total length of the ring would be 241 kilometres, the stations would be located in major cities such as Kotelniki, Ljubljana, Balashea, Utishi, Dodoprud, Himki and Odzovo. A total of 45-50 stations are planned for the line, and the speed will vary from 45 to 100 kilometres per hour.

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