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Май 7, 2016
Tammi - выгодный заказ такси в

Freight transport in the capital is a fast-growing service sector that will always be required. One of the most popular areas in this field is a freight taxi. What's that and what's different from the light as well as from conventional freight transport?

Two main features of this service:

  • The possibility of a speedy call at any time is like if you ordered a passenger taxi.
  • A small size and load capacity of a car, which is why it's high maneuvering and speed.

Why do we have to order a cargo cab?

GruzovichkoF offers freight at the lowest prices, high quality of services and servitude for your things! And a large number of pleasant bonuses and additional services. The advantages and characteristics of a cargo taxi order in our company:

Urgent delivery on the day of order

  • The car will come when you need it! Just call, and you'll have the driver in 20 minutes at any time of day and night.

Small Gaza series

  • The service involves a small size of vehicles up to 1, 5 tons. At the same time, they can be with different types of body - tents, vans and even open on-board newspapers with top loading.

Low value of freight taxi

  • Despite the fact that we offer an urgent order of machines and only skilled personnel, Gruzovichkoff prices always remain profitable!

Goods Moscow taxi Programme

  • The car can be called not only for urgent freight traffic on Moscow, but also for the purpose of driving for a hand, to one of the satellite cities of the capital or even to the next.

Cargo taxi with or without

You can save on delivery by doing the loading on your own, and if you want to trust them, you can trust them. Order an integrated service - Gazelle will come with the cargoes who will take over not only the lifting and loading of things, but also their dismantling, grading, fitting in the body and, if necessary, some sanitary work.

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