Taxi Of The Red Moscow

Август 16, 2015
Лодка Норвик 340 CL приобрести


We would like to use the services of our inter-urban taxi from the Kazan Station of Moscow to the Red Cross. The transfer price includes pre-registration, delivery of the vehicle to the station, assistance in the loading of baggage and unforeseen client expectations.

The cost of a taxi trip from the Kazan Station of Moscow to the Red Cross is fixed.

We don't charge extra time on the road, just in traffic and short stops. Taxi payments are made at one end. In order of interurban taxi by route Moscow (Kazan Station) - Redrsk - Moscow (Kazan Station) Reversing is 50 per cent. Free waiting times in the Red Cross are discussed individually and paid for further.

Distinguished customers, request that a vehicle be ordered along the Kazan Station (Moscow)-Redarsk route in advance, possibly 24 hours or twice before travel. In the morning, consult with the dispatcher and specify the cost, designate the dispatcher the expected date of the trip. If a child comes with you, you must warn the dispatcher of the need for a child chair. We're providing the children's chairs for our clients free!

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