Taxi Business

June 2, 2023

Moscow is a dynamic megapolis, where a valuable resource like time comes first.

That is why the taxi has always been and will be the required service, providing constant high wages to those who chose the business with their calling.

Today tax market qualitative change is becoming more modern, civilized and structured. A taxi law had made a huge contribution to such a transformation, involving the use of only certain cars as a taxi and the mandatory availability of work permits.

Before opening up a new business, many start-up entrepreneurs analyse the environment and try to find a decent area of activity that will generate high returns in the future. However, many start-up and experienced entrepreneurs, when asked what small business is best to open, are increasingly focusing on taxis.

Increased attractiveness, higher taxi company status, high profits, all of which attract new businessmen.

The legal conduct of this business involves the presence of a taxo with cars painted in yellow, with special numbers and permits to conduct such activities.

The purchase of cars, their subsequent decoration and the receipt of yellow numbers will take time and financial investments. In addition, the processing of documents may be extended indefinitely, as the ranks of our country ' s bureaucratic organs have long become a whiff of language.

In addition, cars will need to be insured, and this is another waste of time and money.

There is another, more convenient and efficient way to open up a profitable business without investment.

Ling car under a taxi at SOLT is a great decision for those who decided to open their own business and start earning today!

First, this option does not include major lump-sum cash costs - no initial contribution!

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