Taxi, Low-Cost

January 16, 2024
Подкупает человеческое

The Five Stars Service ensures that only 199 roubles are more comfortable.

Did you also face such challenges?

  • Carry out business meetings with clients and partners in different parts of the city;
  • You need to take the documents immediately, send the letters, send the small goods with a guarantee of delivery in order and security;
  • There's a time left without a car.

How to be?

1. Rent a car? The forming takes time and is bound.

2. Using the usual taxi? Travel will hurt the budget.

The 5-star taxi will provide the level of convenience to which you are used for symbolic value. Because the budget tariff shows comfort-level cars. Instead of Renault Logan and Lifan Solano, Volkswagen, Kia Rio, Hyundai Solaris and Skoda Rapid will come to the challenge.

It's tempting, but do you have a special taxi requirement?

We have set out your most basic wishes:

(2) Clean, don't fight.

The taxi of a class in Moscow from a five-star service is always a car that is ready for business continuity. Every day, all budget line cars go through thorough cleaning and washing. The salon was cleaned once a week. Therefore, even the cheapest taxi does not deviate by “residential” representative cars.

(3) 5 star level service

In our taxi service, you always get the services of the classroom. Regardless of the selected vehicle category.

Find out what a taxi is like with a high-energy taxi:

  • Taxi economies (Moscow): cheap and fair as their own

We are always “just” prices and the perfect reputation of our taxi economy (Moscow). Calculate the cost and find out the final travel budget, you can be on the website right now.

  • Warning drivers with experience over 5 years

They'll take care of your yutt, help loading/loading the baggage, no more words, and music will bring you to your place;

  • Pay a favor and use the bonus as you like.

You can order a taxi in Moscow with economies of class and pay for a trip in cash, a bank card or a bonus.

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