River Station In Moscow

Октябрь 7, 2016
Северный речной вокзал

North River Station (Himkin River Station) of Moscow River Boat, River Port of Moscow, located on the banks of the Himkin Reservoir (Leningrad Highway, 51). The port was built with the Moscow Canal before completing the Chemical Reservoir in 1937, and is an architectural monument. His building with a high helmet and a wide stairwell is in the shape of a ship. The Špil was crowned by the star who was on the Saving Tower of the Moscow Cream in 1935-1937.

The North River St. Petersburg, Astrahan, Rostov-na-Dona are also sending cruise ships.

Useful information

How to get to the Northern (Himkin) River Station

MetroRiver Station or Water Station
Marshrut taxi43m, 309m, 449m/43k North river station)
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