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Апрель 30, 2018
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As you know, I love Moldova very much. Even for New Year's, he came to Chisinau this time. But most of my familiar Moldavia is somehow associated with a third world's cherished country, which they see most as a transplant to Europe. If the word "Moldavia" doesn't explode, if you don't start playing orchestra, something's wrong with you. You just didn't drink great Moldovan wine, eat spectacular Moldovan food and talk to good people. I strongly recommend that you buy a ticket to Chisineva and see, try it all on your own.
You should start with Moldovan wine. It's been a long time since we were at the rug. The Moldovans learned to make great wine. Unfortunately, there are none in Russia. As you recall, Russia has imposed several embargoes on the import of Moldovan wine since the early 2000s. The first time in 2006, the second in 2013. Moldova then lost a big market and suffered huge losses, but now the vineyards say there's no harm without goodness.
Before the imposition of the first embargo, the local market had virtually no fault in Moldova. 95 per cent of all products successfully exported. Of these, about 85 per cent went to Russia and the remaining 15 per cent to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But everything changed in 2006. Russia has not simply imposed a ban on exports, but has also destroyed all the Moldovan wine that has already been imported and stood at the shops. It's all because Roscondor allegedly found dangerous substances in fault, including dybutylphthalate used in plastic production. A lot of Moldovan companies broke up.
In that year, Russia did not take care of the fact that about half of Moldovan wine enterprises owned by Russian businessmen. The factory was even at Luzkov's. All the calls, like, "Fuck your shirts!" were not accepted by Moscow because it was a punitive move. He may have been motivated by the refusal of the Moldovan authorities to sign the Putin Memorandum on Transnistria.
The supply of Moldovan wine to Russia resumed at the end of 2007. In Moldova, people from Rosscondsor came and checked businesses. Some of the enterprises have been tested and have started sending wine back to the Russian market. The situation has gradually begun.
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