The Deepest Metro Station

September 21, 2023
Два марша эскалаторов ст.м

эскалатор10 January 1863 London The first line in the world has been launched. Tunnel technology has now moved far ahead, and in many cities, deep-sea stations have emerged that we will tell.

Arsenal, Kiev

The " Arsenal " subway station, located in Kiev, is ranked first in the list of the world ' s deepest stations according to unconfirmed research. Why unconfirmed? Because it's not clear how to measure that depth by sea level or by land surface. This Kiev station is under the hill, with a depth of between 104 and 105 metres. The station was opened in the fall of 1960, white and pink marble, stiff style, unspeakable.Станция метро Арсенальная It is interesting to note that the station belongs to the so-called English type (two deep-seated stations), which is the only metro station of this type in the countries of the former USSR.

Puhung, Pyongyang

The second most profound site is the Puhung station, which is the capital of the Democratic People ' s Republic of Korea, Pyongyang. Her depth is about 100 m. There is evidence that this station is the deepest in the world, but it is impossible to confirm or refute it because the DPRK is a very closed country. In fact, the entire North Korean metropolitan system is considered to be one of the deepest in the world. The deepening of the station is due to the paranoid fear of the DPRK ' s authorities of nuclear bombing (the deep-seat stations can be used as a refuge in several dozen kilotons of nuclear explosives).

The theme of the Pukhung station, of course, is communist in the marble pano, with very many images of the party leaders of the Republic. At the same time, the station is ranked 13th in the top 15 of the world ' s most beautiful metropolitan stations. It is also worth noting that, since the construction of this station, the new station has not been built and has been used since 1987.

Станция метро Арсенальная 1 Станция метро Пухунг Станция метро Пухунг 1 Станция метро Адмиралтейская 1
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