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Март 25, 2016
Станция метро «Ясенево» Москва

Material from the Encyclopedia of our transport

“Spanish” - Intermediate station of the Kaluzco-Rij line of the Moscow Metropolitan Line.

Opened on 17 January 1990 as part of the Blue Stan site, Novoyasenevsky. Positioned at SC 208+07.


N. I. Schumakov, G. S. Mun, N. V. Shuragin, with the participation of V. S. Volovic.

Design engineers

T. A. Jarov, N. Korneywa.


A model, upgraded project of prefabricated unified iron-bedton structures, the so-called " new 40-bed " . Unlike the model design, the closure is performed from the large monolithic features, each covers all three passages from the wall to the wall.

Opening height 4 m. Distance between axles of tracks 12, 9 m, width of platform 10 m, distance between rows of columns 5, 9 m. Column 6 m, width of column 600 mm. Total, 26 pair of columns


It's called the same area.

Out into town

  • Underground crossings to the Novoysen Prospect, the streets of Taroska and Oclamorsk.
  • To stop points on ground transport.

Preventive development

Station without satellite development.


Cylindrical columns are embedded by a sero-green marble. The road walls are marked with yellow green metal-male decorative panels. The floor is gray.

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