The Cheapest Taxi In The Mosquito

May 4, 2023
Вызов такси в Москве

Every one of us has to deal with taxi services from time to time. Before ordering a taxi, I would like to know which of the taxi capital firms is more trustful, cost-effective and better quality. To make my first impression of the Moscow taxi proposals, I used the Internet. Help me, Yandex! Even though you've been doing some tips lately, but habits are the second kind. I find the phrase " taxi bids " , which is typical, and a " dozen " companies offering taxi services are emerging. The phrase " taxi waxing Moscow " had not even been used because all of the first dozen sites had been virtual by the offices of the capital taxos. All the sites of the Moscow taxi were analysed with great care. 'Cause every website, like a merchandise salesman, had to convince me to make a taxi order for this firm. The results of my mini-study were very interesting.

Before we do Taxi order in Moscow

Without claiming Monumentality, based only on common sense, I chose the following criteria for comparing Moscow taxi firms:

1. The company's age. It's not for any reason that bankers like that when they decide to lend. The more experienced company, the more likely it has already developed a corporate culture, and a solid age is respectful and reliable. It's strange that only four taxi companies in the first tens of Yandex indicated the date of birth. Of these, only two were " old-aged " - Taxi Bistro (8 years old) and Taxi Pilot (about 4 years old). The other four companies somehow hide their age as patriarchal girls on the first date. We'll give them a fat minus.

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