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Июнь 21, 2016
Такси МАКС наше недорогое

The child is much more vulnerable than her parents. The normal belts built in the vehicle seat are for adult passengers and are not suitable for the protection of children who have not yet reached 12 years. In this case, special restraints shall be used according to the rules prescribed by GyBD.

If you're going to go on the way with the baby, put it in the request when you order it, and we'll send you a specialized cab with a children's chair, a bouster or a straw!

Depending on the needs of the customer, a child taxi may be equipped with one or more additional seats for different age categories.

Lulki and vehicles

Main objective Children ' s taxi The chairs are the minimization of child trauma, threatening to disrupt the functions of the propulsion apparatus and damage to the internal organs. A genuinely safe taxi for children must be equipped with a special film design that keeps the child ' s head and body in a certain position, ensuring maximum security for his life and health during the movement. This takes into account the large number of factors (from the body-head ratio to the potential threads in turn-on braking and in the case of an accident), which will enable the baby to always remain with you and under safe protection.

The first children ' s chair is provided to passengers by BESPLATE.

The first child chair is provided to passengers by BESPLATNO.

By ordering a taxi with a children ' s chair, it is important to remember that different types of restraint are intended for different age and weight categories of children.

Group 0weight to 10 kg, age from 0 to 6 months
Group 0+weight to 13 kg, age from 0 to 12 months
Group Iweight from 9 to 18 kg, age from 9 months to 4 years
Group IIweight from 15 to 25 kg, age from 3 to 7 years
Group IIIweight of 22 to 36 kg, age 6 to 12 years


You can use a bouster instead of a baby chair. It is a small pillow that brings a child on the chair to standard seat belts. The use of such a device is possible only for children with already reinforced skeletons whose weight is between 22 and 36 kg. Buster is a less reliable alternative to group III roadblocks and is not suitable for babies whose protection requires not only a back of a special shape but also a side-marker.

The first bouster is provided to passengers by BESPLATE. Additional restraints.

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