November 5, 2023
расписание аэропортов и ж/д

Перегон автомобиля

Passenger transport

Passenger transport is one of our main activities. At any time of the day and at any point in Moscow and Moscow, as well as outside it, NARODE TOXY is ready to transport both a passenger and a large company. To this end, our arsenal has different cars (both comfort and capacity). To maximize the needs of our passengers during transport, we propose to use additional options:

We'll call you the cost immediately when you're approaching us. And the price of your taxi will remain constant. You're planning your budget to order a car in advance and you're not risking getting into a bad situation. You can do it. Online taxiAnd you can call a cab around the clock on the phone.

Курьерская доставкаCar crossing

Now you don't have to worry if you want to sit in the circle of friends or your friends behind the wine, and you're driving.

The automobile service of Moscow and MO can be useful not only in the event of a stack, but also if for any other reason, you have no opportunity to drive. For example, you feel tired or under stress. It is no secret that such condition significantly reduces the concentration of attention, which may lead to undesirable consequences.

Career delivery

The Carrier Delivery Service is also tariffed for individuals, as is the city/urban trip. In order to calculate the cost and order, it is necessary to select a deposit in the form of an order.


The service assumes that the sending party transmits to the driver the object of delivery (colours), the driver delivers the subject to the addressee without escort by the consignor, delivers the addressee personally. The service is not intended to carry out the purchase of flowers or any other items.

Корпоративные услуги такси Такси на свадьбу Такси в аэропорт Такси на вокзал

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