Taxi's Cheap

February 12, 2024
Такси СПб дешево и НЕ сердито!
ическийExotic contract!
Kip Town South Africa!
The work of five nights a week is closed on Sunday. The club opens at 7:00 p.m. The club closes at 4:00 A.M. Smoking is permitted only in smoking areas.
The exclusive women ' s rooms only with their own kitchens are near the club with the doors leading from the club. Guards comfortable with the pool, kitchens, DSTV, rest rooms, washing machines, Internet, etc.
The dancer must pay for her own flight. During your stay, you don't need transportation. Taxi is cheap. and easily accessible.
: Visa:
The value depends on which visa is the most appropriate. When applying for details about the passport, we advise. We have specialists to help with all the applications.
You'll need a visa.
♪ Effective passport, minimum duration of six months.
♪ A copy of the birth certificate.
:: Inviolability certificate
♪ To recommend a bank account with a minimum I 600
♪ Visa money
а Payment:
The dancers work as independent contractors, so the money they earned from the knee dances, the dancers on the table and the champagne commission belongs to them. We don't pay the salary.
The dancer can make between ZAR 70 000, 00 to R120 000 + per month
Does the club use tickets? Payment is made in cash.
ования Requirements:
♪ Minimum age 18 years
♪ Nice appearance,
♪ Understanding English will help. language lessons are affordable
♪ Communicative, serious and ambitious.
How much can you earn?
for the night?
One week?
A month?
All the details in the ls! Sleeping space is limited!
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