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Ноябрь 13, 2017
Пассажирские перевозки

Logi Taxy is offering its customers the services of the Moscow City Taxi St. Petersburg. We're destroying the myth that a cab is expensive! Our clients have the pleasure, comfort and advantage of traveling from the capital to any point in Russia, quickly and safely. And travel to a large company is particularly beneficial because our tariffs are strictly fixed, and the price you recognize from the operator at the time of the order does not depend on the number of passengers in the car.
A comfortable and profitable taxi visit to St. Petersburg can be ordered by telephone е at any time of the day, as well as on the page on-line taxi or that is also very convenient to use the mobile application. The last two versions of the order are not only convenient and modern, but also particularly beneficial, with this order, you get a 5 per cent discount.

St. Petersburg is called differently - the North Capital, the Cultural Capital, the North Venice, the City of Neve, and many others, often poetic, characterizing different city characteristics, names.
The city-like city of Europe, St. Petersburg, has become not only a strategic point of Russia in the Baltic and the first sea port, but more of a centre of world culture and one of the most beautiful cities of the planet. A beautiful environment like St. Petersburg has no other city, which is, however, quite simply explained. St Petersburg and its suburbs were built simultaneously, unlike the rest of the world ' s cities. The Palace and Parking Enquiries, which were developed by creators from different countries, constitute the UNESCO World Heritage.
Tourism is an important area in the city ' s economy. Despite Saint Petersburg ' s associations, especially with cultural objects, the city is also a significant economic, scientific, educational and transport centre in Russia.

The distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg is about 700 km. Part of the route passes through the M10 track.

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