Decided Taxi Fixed Tariff

November 23, 2023

Taxi from the station to the airport
Taxi Moscow 24, the cheapest taxi in Moscow from the station at Domodedovo Airport, Sheremievo, Vnukovo.

The station, the station, the station

BACKGROUND - WHEELED +100 roubles.

Decided taxi to the Yaroslav station, just like he did. cheap taxi at airport From the station, you will be given Taxi Moscow 24, the benefits are always clear, the price fixed.

It's very important to know Moscow's guests coming to the station:
When you arrive at the Moscow station with baggage, and you need help in carrying the baggage, it is important to find an official cargo in the station, to agree on the cost of the service for each baggage location. It's important, because the other cargoes can deceive you and the service will cost you between 100 and 300 roubles for each baggage location.

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