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Июль 22, 2017
скриншот сайт такси лимон

In a big city where there's a lot of distance to go through, without a taxi, just don't. It's the taxi that's gonna help us out when we need to get to a meeting, to a doctor or just a guest, and there's no personal transport. There's also no point in getting rid of the wheel on your own, if you go to the airport or to the station, in such situations you'd better call a cab.

In St Petersburg, there are many services in which a taxi can be ordered, but our company offers the most democratic prices.

The taxi on the house can be done in a normal way, by phones 300-01-01 and 4-261-261. Or you can call a cab via the Internet. For this, just fill out the appropriate form on our website or on the mobile application. Indicate:

  • Address, where you need to be taken;
  • Place of appointment;
  • Time when the car is needed;
  • Your contacts.

Please note that there is a special line called " Additional services " . There you may point out the appropriate paragraph: for example, the need for a child chair and its size, preference along the route, smoking in the salon, etc. Taxi Class offers a wide range of additional services, so you'll travel with maximum comfort.

20 per cent in order via website

Taxi order On the Internet, it's very convenient, and the same form of application is also very useful, because Taxi Class provides a 20 per cent discount to anyone who calls a taxi on our website. By the way, the payment of the order in this case can be made on a cash basis!

Why do we have to order a cab?

  • The lowest prices in St. Petersburg when ordered through the website
  • The number of experienced drivers with a high accident. All our staff are polite and careful, they'll always help you with the baggage and find the shortest route to the destination.
  • Fully well-equipped vehicles regularly undergoing inspection. Besides, our cars are still very clean.
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