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Январь 2, 2016
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Moscow Metropolitan Scheme with a non-existent Fizteh station

Another Moscow Metropolitan Scheme with a non-existent Fizteh station

- A non-existent Serpukhovsco-Timirazev station (in the middle of the " grey " ) of the Moscow Metropolitan Line, located next to the Alufyevo station.

On 1 April 1996, on the trains of the Serpukhov-Timirazev line, labelling of the Fizteh station was displayed on the line of the line. By the middle of the day, the sticker was on most maps (including station maps) of the metropolitan total.

The 8,000-kilometre stickers were filed on 31 March (according immediately to 1 April) by a large group of physicals. An announcement about the organization of such a big prank was made at the end of the concert held the previous day in the Concert Room. The announcements launched by the Fiztehi appeal were also published in the campus. It's time we got ourselves a subway station. The stickers were printed in the printer ' s typography and were manufactured sufficiently professionally, which significantly added the pranks of credibility. In addition, at the time, the maps of the building stations were in order, so passengers and metropolitan staff had been suspicious of an inappropriate distance.

At the end of the action in the subway, it was suggested that the station and the field should be marked, for which a large poster was drawn with the words " Moscow Metropolitan. FISTEH Station, which was decided to hang on the CPM wall. However, this part of the thing could not be implemented: the police arrived during the hanging, burned the poster and interviewed the perpetrators.

On 16 April, a note of the following was made in the newspaper " Moscow Solomer " regarding the event.

In the Mosque, the NON-SANNCTIONED STRATEGY OF A NON-SANKING METRO OUT more than the mysterious case that has not yet been found occurred the other day in the dining room. Literally, in one night on the subway lines scattered on the wagons, there's... a new station! According to MK in the Mobile Service, the Fizteh station was stationed on the Serpukhovska-Timiriyazev line, which is the final site. Unknown " designers " have placed small sheets of paper on the subway, displaying uncharted grey circumferences (this is the building stations) and the name itself. The sticker was manufactured sufficiently carefully and it was almost impossible to distinguish it from the scheme. All the jokers couldn't get around, but in many subways, they still got there. As a result, the Metropolitan has literally killed the inhabitants of the northern capital. The town asked how soon a station with the mysterious name " Fizteh " would be opened, and where it would actually be built (the north of Altoufyev ' s " forest " is located, and the metro line is just meaningless). In order to avoid further confusion, it was decided to break the ignorance of where the booklets, known as the station, which no one was going to build. The subway cleanup operation is scheduled to begin today.

Starting to bring the scheme to the baseline was not immediately and it was not very active. Especially since, on the day of the prank, much less stickers were glued than was printed, so the physicals even had the opportunity to return the removed stickers. In some trains, stickers could have been observed up to the summer months.

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