Moscow Urban Transport Scheme

Июль 18, 2015

Фото: Евгений Биятов / РИА НовостиPhoto: Eugenia Biatov / RIA News

The new terrestrial transport routes that will appear in the capital city will be competitive, rather than giving Moshortrans as soon as possible. At a meeting with journalists, Maxim Lixuts ' Transport Deputy.

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We will recall that the capital is undergoing land transport reform, during which all private routes have been optimized, duplicated and competitive, with only 211 routes. Three routes are already serviced by the new model, the main mass will be launched from May. Before the new year, all new companies - eight of them - received certificates from urban carriers. Now, according to Maxim Liksutov, if a new public transport route is needed in Moscow, it will not be automatically transferred to Mosgortrans, and it will be presented to the competition, the winner will receive it.

In the streets of Moscow, the first big blue buses of privates have already started to come from producers, and companies are rolling them on their existing routes. Town tickets don't work there yet. According to the WP in the Transport Department ' s press service, it is possible to distinguish the routes used in the old and new pattern from their number on stop indicators: the public contract routes have been applied to all stops along with other land transport routes.

In addition, when entering the salon the new diagram, a validator is mandatory. They may be paid by attaching a ticket or a preferential card to the landlord. Passengers will be informed about the transition of commercial routes to a new operating arrangement by means of special posters and information boards at stops, on the district offices and on the Transport Single Portal. ♪

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