Razan Metro Station

April 18, 2023
Рязанский проспект

Material from the Encyclopedia of our transport

Ryazan Prospect - Tagansko-Krasnoprosne Intermediate Station of the Moscow Metropolitan Line.

Opened on 31 December 1966 as part of the Tagansk-Vojino site. Placed at PK 131+75.


N. A. Aloshina, Yu. V. Vdovin.


N. A. Alösina, Yu. V. Vdowin, N. K. Samolov.

Design engineers

E. S. Barski, N. A. Schmitova.


A model project was built on a prefabricated unified ferrobétonic design.

In contrast to the model design, the width of the central flight is reduced by 2 m, with counterfeit ceilings installed. The distance between the axles of the tracks is reduced to 10, 9 m, the width of the platform is reduced to 8 m. Opening height 4 m, distance between rows of columns 5, 9 m, step of column 4 m, width of column 500 mm.

A total of 40 pairs of columns at the station are the so-called " classic 40-leg " .


It's called one-name.

Project names

Ryuzanne Highway, Weshnyaki.

Renamed project

“Veshniaki” (1991, 1992).

Out into town

  • The Ryazan Prospect.
  • To stop points on ground transport.

Preventive development

Station without satellite development.


Columns are marked by a sero-blue strife. The empty walls are covered with a ceramic stove: the top is white and red (in the form of a razana towel ornament) and the bottom is black. The floor is gray and pink.

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