Trolleybuses Of Moscow

June 11, 2023
Расписание автобусов

Trolleybus first appeared in Moscow in 1933 - on 15 November, the first route opened, at that time one-way, from the Tver Gate (Beleros Station) to the village of the All-Host (now the region) Metro station Sokoll. For the first time, the idea of building a trolleybus line in Moscow was expressed in 1924, but only 9 years later. In December 1932, domestic factories were tasked with designing and building the first two pilot Soviet trolleybuses. In the summer of 1933, a chassis (on the basis of the bus Y-6). In October, they were sent to the Stalina (WIS, now AMO-ZIL), where they were fitted with bodywork. By 1 November 1933, two newly issued trolleybuses, which had received the LK index (Lazar Kaganovic), had been towed from ZIS to the Dinamo factory, where they had been installed with electrical equipment (through skating). The first technical tests of the machines were carried out on the site of the factory.

The first Soviet trolleybus had a wooden carcas with a metal cap, a 9 m body with a width of 2, 3 m and a weight of 8, 5 tons. It could develop maximum speed to 50 km/h. There were 37 seating positions in the salon (small areas), mirrors, nickel handcuffs, baggage grids, and electro-tracks were installed under the seats. The doors opened manually: the front driver, the rear conductor. The cars were painted in dark blue (there was a creme yellow strip down there, a bright yellow leash). On the frontal side of the body, a brilliant metal board was attached with the words " From workers, ITRs and employees of the Stalina Gosautozavod, the Dinamo factory, the Jaroslav launcher, NATI " .

In October 1933, a one-way trolleybus line was installed along the Leningrad highway from the Tver Gate to the District Railway Bridge in Poblek Strasnev. On 5 November, the IAC Secretary, N. Kruchev, attended the trolleybus tests, and on 6 November, an official visit was conducted by the reception committee, composed of Mossevet N. Bullganina, engineers, technicians and trolleybus workers. From 7 to 15 November, drivers were driving in the only car.

The regular movement of the only trolleybus began at 11 a.m. on 15 November 1933. The next day, he's got his time, 7 to 24 hours. The average speed of traffic was 36 km/h, the whole line of the car was 30 minutes. The first trolleybus line was opened in Moscow and the USSR.

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