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Апрель 5, 2017
Ищу груз Спб-Москва

By placing a taxi application from Moscow in St. Petersburg (SPB), be assured that tariffs include all possible payments. Exactly:

  • The car will come at any coordinates in Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg (SB) to the final point;
  • Travel on Moscow roads, MKAD;
  • the parking lot at first request.

We love our passengers! For them all our prices are strictly and 100% unchangeable. The price for the interurban taxi transfer of Moscow-St. Petersburg (SB) is never changed.

A lot of people want to know how many times the speedometer from Moscow to Peter. So, the length of the journey is 750 km.

Honourable passengers! The travel costs shown in this section are approximate (calculated from the centre of Moscow to the centre of the city concerned). All tariffs here are indicated strictly for reference. To calculate the exact cost of the trip, please contact our operators.

Travel on paid roads ам is paid by the passenger.

All prices are Fixed!

We've tried to diversify the price policy for every passenger. Tariffs are classified according to which vehicle is to be carried - high or standard class, sedan or microbus. Each passenger decides more importantly: an economy trip or a trip to a car of increased comfort.

From Cheremievo (B, C, D, E, F), Domodedovo, Vnukovo to St. Petersburg (SB) on taxis!

You come to Moscow late at night, and you want to go on a trip without night at the hotels? You can always order a cab intercity to Peter. It's easy and easy!

These tariffs are valid throughout your journey. Be absolutely sure that the driver needs to come to the end of the route. ♪ ♪

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