Taxi Is Cheap

Март 25, 2018
Грузовое такси, переезды и

Pegasus is offering you the services that will meet the most demanding clients. Taxi cars are delivered on time, drivers know the city well and drive cars safely and safely.

All of this allows you to get comfortable and easy to get to your destination.

Taxi at the airport

In addition to travel across the city, taxi visits to airports and to the Moscow station are very demanding. By ordering a taxi at the airport or the station in advance (5-6 hours) You spare yourself some of the problems of public transport, and you are confident that the journey will be as comfortable as possible, and the delivery of the vehicle will be done in time. The car is being matched with your order. The airport and the station include no more than 3 people and luggage. If it is necessary to transport more than 3 people, our company may provide a minimum of 5 to 11 persons.

In order to obtain the relevant cost of the trip, please specify to the operator.

  • Travel cost: from 100 shirts. by city
  • Timing: 5 to 15 minutes
  • Transfer: 900 roubles to Vnukovo Airport
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