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Март 1, 2018

Material from the Encyclopedia of our transport

Trainers - Tagansko-Krasnoprosne Intermediate Station of the Moscow Metropolitan Line.

Opened on 31 December 1966 as part of the Tagansk-Vojino site. PC 85+08.


R. E. Potter.


A. Marova, A. B. Bogatyrov.

Design engineers

Mr. M. Suvorov, G. Zvigina, M. V. Golovinov.


A model project was built from prefabricated unified ferrobétonic designs. Distance between axles of tracks 12, 9 m, closing height 4 m, width of platform 10 m, distance between rows of columns 5, 9 m, step column 4 m, width of column 500 mm.

A total of 40 pairs of columns at the station are the so-called " classic 40-leg " .


It's named one-name railway stop.

Out into town

  • The Ljulin Street, the Volgograd Prospect and the Shosey Street.
  • To stop points on ground transport.

Technical information

Travel development station - 4 small transferes, a staircase exit, 1 stationary road for salvation and rotation and 1 safety impasse.

Satellite development framework

In 1985, the end of the platform was marked by a light line. Small lighters were installed on the floor, which looked like 20x5 cm tall and white windows, located half metres. These lights were burned before the train arrived, warning passengers. This lighting line lasted several months and was dismantled in early 1986.


Columns are marked by a grey wave marble. The road walls are separated by a blue and red stemalitim, placed in aluminium carcass. The floor is pink and labradorite.

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