Декабрь 7, 2017
Что умеет приложение?

Control of the accounts

Every trip you get a bonus score. You can look at the number of points, both in your mobile application, in my scores and in your private office on the site. Forget about bonus points? The annex will recall and invite them to take advantage of the order.

Travel history

In the contribution of My Orders, you have access to your travel history and their detailed description. The driver ' s FIO, vehicle data, travel card are all available under the heading " travel history " .

Tracking of order

The annex shall inform you in detail of all phases of the order, from searching for a suitable vehicle to the driver information.

Check and travel evaluation

At the end of the journey, the annex will show a check with a detailed price description. Improving the quality of services will help in the " travel assessment " . If the trip didn't set you up, we'll get the money back.

as well as

references to all urban taxi services where there are no EST partners, travel map, survey and editing of their profile, referral system, bonuses and prizes.

The producers of the " EUT: Call a taxi " product have made all the details up to nothing. As a result, the use of the One Service mobile application will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. The " East: Call a taxi " programme invites users to minimize communication with dispatchers and maximize service delivery.

Opportunities: Call a cab.

The taxi programme provides maximum useful functions free of charge:

  • In history, all trips (with a description of the car, the driver ' s FI, etc.) remain;
  • The status of the order is monitored throughout the mission;
  • travel is calculated automatically, which allows for substantial savings and avoidance of fraud.

Programme benefits

The taxi application gives a lot of advantages. For example, for each mobile order, the program uses bonuses. Additional points are also made for the travel of friends involved. Busted bonuses can be paid for taxi trips.

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