Online, A Taxi Order

July 14, 2023
Заказать такси с расчетом

The Service has its own vehicle fleet, as well as a number of partner companies involved, which allows for the rapid call of a taxi on St. Petersburg and Leningrad.

Service taxi 5-000-000 is one of the largest companies. Taxi in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a large number of taxi services.
Competition between them is colossal, and the obvious advantages of a service, unless prices are rarely understood directly by the client. We will highlight a few points that may appear small, but in fact important and relevant.

Let's start with the car park. You must've encountered a lot of times that some strange car was on your order, at best, just a class economy.
This is particularly the case for taxi services that work in St. Petersburg not with their car park but hire drivers with their cars.
They are, however, very common in the format where cooperation with the driver ' s company is temporary, they work on a completely free schedule when they are comfortable or profitable (for example, a new year ' s night, when the price of ordering a taxi is guaranteed to grow several times and the number of taxi applicants is extinguished).

Of course, if we go to the site of this office, we'll see the pretty words that only enough new inmarks come to the challenge, but it won't really be so beautiful. The Daewoo Nexia or the Chinese Cherry who spent more than a kilometre in his first year of life than he had planned for his entire life, but only a few examples of what could be encountered by ordering a taxi in such service.
It is also worth remembering the non-working or missing safety belts (especially in the rear seats). It's going to be together and around, and trusting your life to the driver you see for the first time, even without strapping, is quite unpleasant.

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