Metro Boulevard Station

Март 31, 2018
Станция метро Бульвар Дмитрия

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Bulvar Dmitri Donski - Serpukhovsco-Timirazev crossing station of the Moscow Metropolitan Line.

Opened on 26 December 2002 as part of the Annan site, Bulwar Dmitri Donski. Placed at SC 244+10.


V. Z. Filipov, Co-authors S. M. Belikova, S. A. Petrosyan, with the participation of I. V. Petrova, T. A. Silakdze.

Design engineers

E. S. Rudnitzkaya, N. Demyanova.


Built by a model project of a two-layer collar station from unified prefabricated ferroton structures.

It's the only station like this in Moscow.

The second tier is pedestrian galleries separated from the pathways which allow the distribution of the passengers ' flows to the transplant. For the first time, such a planning solution was implemented in the construction of the Socoln Line Komsool station in 1935. The same model project was developed at Harkov, the first such station was the Harkovsky Metropolitan University Station, opened in 1984.

The design type is based on a model, upgraded project of a collon three-dimensional station from prefabricated unified iron-bedton structures, the so-called " new 40-leg " . Distance between axles of tracks 12, 9 m, width of platform 10 m. However, the distance between the rows of the columns is increased compared to the reference type. Column 6 m, width of column 600 mm. The convoys continue on both sides.

Another feature of the project is that it is based on the idea of placing the platform and both lobbys under one roof: entering one of the lobby, the opposite can be seen. The total length of the space under review at the Bulwar Dmitriy Donsky station is more than 200 m.

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