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Май 22, 2016

Taxy FM Radio recommends the summer with the greatest pleasure!

24 hours a day on the radio station, summer firm jingles, a great set of hits, the most important news, useful shirts and solar moods!

Summer is a time when dreams come true! The main event of the season will be Taxy FM. On 7 June, the radio station celebrates five years from the beginning of broadcasting, the audience is waiting for the Day Five celebration and the opportunity. ♪ ♪
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" TACKY FM " , I'd like to say, "WILEN KARNAVAL OGNEY"

On 4 June, with annual information support from Taxy FM, Master Panin Film Film Festival Park will host the VII Moscow International Festival, Velene Carnaval Fire. Taxy FM can win the festival tickets.

The event will gather more than 30 best street theatres with the highest degree of skill. The creators are waiting for an unrepetitive evening during which the participating teams will present their unique programmes. The bright crosses of flames on the back of the night sky, fantastic lights. ♪ ♪
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On 7 May, with traditional information support from Taxy FM, a Russian Forsage Cascades ' Show will be held on the premises of the Master Panin Film Film Festival. Taxy FM is broadcasting tickets.

The Rousski Forsage Show is an inexplicable production with an original story, which is the most mature scenarios of the Hollywood blocs. One of the bright features of the programme will be the special Taxy FM trick, the Ghost Ranger, which will show itself. ♪
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Music news

The Marusia African Folk Group is asking for protection against the robberies of Krasnodar Kraja

Protected from the kazaks of the Novo-Russian District Casack Society of the Russian authorities is requested by a unique African Falk Group from the Krasnodar Maurice. The whole point is that the cassacks are threatening to rip off the nearest concerts of the band because they don't like "negative to the elements of the cassava shape." According to the Ataman Yuri Postnikov, the members of the Maurice Group said that they were not registrars and had no right to take shape.

The media now clarify whether the athaman has claims for the appearance of the Lube group, the heroes of patriotic films and the series coming out of Russian State television channels and other "unworthy."

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