Rolling The Route Through Public Transport

Январь 6, 2017
Садовое кольцо
Type of PO: Navigation, public transport
Designer/EmployerYandex LLC
Versions: 2.20
iPhone: Free from App Store

Nobody likes to be late for their bus, trolleybus or tram. It's not only offensive, but it's likely to ruin the whole day. In a major megapolis, even the schedule can be subtracted by heavy traffic. However, there is a solution, an annex. Yandex. Transport

The annex had already grown to version 2.20, overcoming numerous underdevelopment and seriously building the city base. In the latest update, for example, long-awaited ground support has emerged for Moscow and areas. List of other cities supported by the Annex Yandex. Transport, you can see the screams above.

Yandex is now. Transport allows for real-time monitoring of the movement of public transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams and routes equipped with GLONASS. Thus, users and potential passengers can not only see the location of the expected transport but also assess the waiting times as well as its route on the map.

More detailed information on stopping points, including the list of transport, is available as necessary. For any bus, trolleybus, tram or route, it may also be possible to check the complete route, both on the map and on the stop list.

Interface Yandex. Transport is simple, but convenient. The annex does not attempt to go beyond the scope, but to fulfil its direct responsibilities with dignity. It's gonna be a lot harder to miss your bus now, because all the movements of public transport are literally on your palm, your iPhone.

iPhone: Free from App Store

Uzabiliti: 5, Functionality: 4, Interface: 5, Verdict: 4+

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