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Октябрь 10, 2013
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Поезда в электродепо. Архивное фото (revised:


The incident occurred on the Kaluzco Riz line of the dining subway. The shooter escaped and the victim was taken to the hospital.

RIA News. In one of the Moscow subways between the two passengers, a conflict arose which ended with one of the verbal exchangers shooting twice in their opponent, told the News RIA the head of the UVD press service at the Moscow Metropolitan Metropolitan of Alexei Mashlayev.

The incident occurred in 18:45 on the southern part of the Kaluzco-Riz (Orange) section of the dining subway. The shooter left the train at the Kaluz station, managed to escape, notes the agency.

The shots were made from an Osa trauma gun. Police officers arrived at the scene and called the ambulance team.

The victim was taken to a hospital where he was previously diagnosed, a non-propelling wound to the soft tissue of his head. The police are looking for a suspect. According to the Agency's interviewer, after the shooting, the victim was able to pull the gun out of the culprit's hands.

According to RIA News, the head of the UVA press service reported Moscow Metropolitan Alexei Mashlayev, the police checked the gun on the database and identified the owner's name. He was later detained at his place of residence on the Trade Union.

According to the Senior Assistant to the Head of the CSU of Russia, Yulia Ivanova, born in 1957, the Moscow was taken to the investigator to verify the involvement of the shooting in the Moscow subway.

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