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Language difficulties?

E-mails translated on the fly. 3-way telephone conversations.

We'll help you communicate with your Russian friends.


Driving license

Your driving license is valid in Russia. You will, however, has to have it translated and notarized while notaries has no right to notarize translations of foreign documents.. There are ways around but it would be easier to get your International Driving License, with a page in Russian, before coming.

Driver training for Moscow traffic
or help in unlearning your civilized driving habits

Do you want to own a car and drive in Moscow? We'll spend a few hours touring the city. Preferably Sunday night, when the deadliest of them tend to happen. I hope that seeing some horror scenes will encourage you to drop the silly notion.

A selection of accidents from July 2010, when the poison cloud started covering the city.

 Those with a knowledge of Russian literature make a note of this paraphrase of two classics:
Какой же русский не любит быстрой езды - бессмысленной и беспощадной!

If you don't come to your senses and decide to become part of the road hell I'm prepared to help you understand

  • the principles of road layout

  • local driving style and, more importantly, the value system that underlies such driving style

  • puzzling road situations

  • Russian drivers' sense of danger

  • communication between drivers

  • road crime (staged accidents)

  • the relationship between motorists and pedestrians

  • dealing with the traffic police (GAI or GIBDD)

If you still want to participate in this road hell, I am prepared to be your driving instructor. I received my safely-oriented driver training in Canada in 1981. In 1994 I started driving in Russia. The adaptation was a long and painful process because western driving habits interfere rather than help on Russian roads. If I cannot convince you to give up the idea of driving a car here yourself I am prepared to do a few training sessions with you.



A demo version of hell

My permanent clients who demonstrate the ability to handle Russian roads and have the resource to pay for the consequences after things go wrong may even borrow my old Renault in exchange for a suitable contribution to its upkeep.



Train and air tickets procured at local prices. Don't overplan, we can almost always help you to buy tickets on the spot.

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